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Friday, August 12, 2005

Five Conversations I'm Sick Of

I don't want to talk about the following things with you for more than two (2) minutes:

1 - The never-ending real estate values conversation: This is possibly the most insidious of all the annoying conversations because each person has an opinion and they want it known. Everyone's heard the story of the guy who bought the house for $150,000 and now it's worth $600,000 or the one bedroom apartment selling for more than you'll make in 25 years. If this conversation extends beyond those two sentences, allow me to gouge my ears with 10 inch, metal tent stakes. STFU. Everyone knows the drill. Everyone's had the conversation a thousand times. Enough.

2 - The "English so crazy" conversation: Haven't had this one too much lately but when I worked at an ESL school I had this conversation twice a day. No, English is not the hardest language to learn. Yes, there are some weird pronunciations but please don't talk to me about this. STFU.

3 - The "this city sucks" conversation: No one likes the city they live in. And they like to complain about it. You're never going to be happy until you live in a place where you don't have to work, beautiful women felate you daily, and there are candy canes growing on trees. Even though I'm guilty of ranting about this one, my saturation point for the "this city sucks" conversation is closer to 30 seconds.

4 - The gentrification conversation: And you KNOW this conversation ALWAYS comes out of the mouth of a white 20-something living in the city. OMFG, STFU. Now.

5 - The work gossip conversation: This one needs no description. Two minutes are interesting. Two minutes and ten seconds of the work gossip conversation make me want to be a construction worker.

Did people have conversations this annoying in 1933? I think not.
omfg stfu. love it. you're city ain't so bad. what if yo ulived in detroit?

let's all go live on the big rock candy mountain. where you never change your socks. and the little streams of alcohol come a tricklin down the rocks.
People tend to think that being jaded (or pretending) is cool. I personally love it here, but with all the power in DC, you would think they could do something about this heat.
No, the conversations in 1933 tending to be about the Third Reich, the Dustbowl, etc. Oh, and the NY Yankees.
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