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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Fasting has no health benefit

Lately, I've been on an off-again-on-again rant against fasting. When you hear proponents of it, they use nice words like "cleansing", "inner calm", "getting rid of toxins", etc. Without having looked into it, I always thought it was complete bullshit. The best way to purify your body is to eat right and drink lots of liquid, not to deprive your body.

How did this fasting bull-crap take hold of the culture? Must have something to do with pseudo-science, alternative medicine and hippies.


"Fasting has no health benefit ... There is no cleansing of the body that occurs, only depletion."
so I am anonymously browsing and agreeing with most of the great Lonnie's words of wisdom and guidance but I must weigh in on this one---you have had so many life experiences, why rant about one you have not experienced? I fast annually and, once you conquer the initial hunger (2 days tops) it is better than ANY drug I have ever taken (and I am speaking from VAST experience!) You sleep better, wake better, have more, not less, energy and your brain fog clears--it's a great way to jump-start yourself....after 5 days I have to talk myself into eating again!
It's true that I have never fasted. For a reason.

I have no argument or issue with someone who fasts for the high it gives them. But that high you're getting is the euphoria brought on by your body going into emergency mode when it is deprived of essential nutrients. What you're feeling is not your body getting healthier but your body feeding on itself to prevent death. It's the same sort of euphoria one would get if they drank lots of salt water, which is known to bring on hallucinations and whatnot ... right before you die.

Fasting for health flies in the face of the scientific method and modern medicine in general.
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