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Friday, May 27, 2005

Rolling Thunder, holy crap

Decided to take a dusk-time bicycle ride down to the mall. In case you don't live in DC, this weekend there are thousands of doods "rolling" around on their little bikey-poos in memory of some war or something. They've given it the tough name of "Rolling Thunder".

Peddling through this noisy cluster-fuck of folks in from flyover country, I was struck with an unfamiliar realization: I'm never around scary-ass white people. Never. What is it with DC? Do all DC guys wear light-blue-collared-shirts-tucked-into-khaki-pants-with-a-woven-belt- and-docksiders? My answer---having lived here for almost five years---is a sad, yes, for the most part.

Not to say that I want the fat, old and war-weary (30 years on) to barge into my city all the time, but come on people. Is there not one local white guy that can scare me? Not one?
Holy shit that's funny.

I remember the days when I use to admire scary looking guys. Now they make me tremble.

Oh how I quiver.
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