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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Exercise cannot be good for you

I biked 40 miles yesterday and it practically killed me. How the hell can people say this is better for you than lounging around the house all day? The latter feels healthier at least.

At one point during the bike-ride I had to stop and cross the street to a gas station and I bought: one honeybun, a full container of Pringles, a package of salted cashews and a bottle of Gatorade. I sat in the grass by the road and stuffed all that shit into my mouth before I could bike the final two miles.

I'm never exercising that much again.
Dude, you felt like crap and had no energy because of putting all that processed garbage in your pie hole. Try a nice, delicious stalk of broccoli instead. Or here's an idea: red cabbage!
To picture you cramming that shit in your mouth while a pile next to the road is pretty funny to picture.
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