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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Up In Da VIP

I'm starting to get a taste for the attitude of those who think of themselves as VIPs. At my new job being a VIP matters very much. When there is some mucky muck lawyer board member who wants to get their way, and they cannot get it from me, they call my boss to complain about my decision until my boss tells me to give in. It doesn't matter that going that extra step for the VIP is ridiculous. No. This matters not. Just do what you're told. That person is powerful.

I hate this whole mindset not just because of the obvious inequality it represents or the snobbery that's involved, but because of the idea that a VIP can push around a small guy and get what they want. Whenever. Lawyers try to finagle and manipulate me every day at work and it's such a degrading feeling.
You know those little boxes blank checks come in? Get a good supply of those. Whenever you have to take a shit, pinch it off in one of those check boxes. Tape it up. Then slap an address label on it and send it one of those lawyers or VIPs. Do this whenever you've had a particularly bad day because of their existence. BELIEVE ME, you'll feel A LOT better.
Happy Pants, if Lonnie Bruner undertakes your recommended course of action, I will see to it that both he and you are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
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