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Friday, March 12, 2010

Lonnie B's Mint Julep

A friend on Facebook asked me for my recipe for a Mint Julep so I thought I'd transcribe it here too:

Ingredients and Equipment:

First, buy a set of four 10 oz metal julep cups like these.

Second, buy an ice crusher like this.

Third, get a wooden muddler like this. (Make sure you don't get one that has those stubby barbs at the base like this one. Those barbs rips the mint to shreds, which you do not want).

Fourth, get a bottle of your favorite 80-proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon. I use Jim Beam. (100-proof+ bourbon is just too much fire for a Mint Julep, which should always be drunk ice cold on a hot summer day. Also, 80-proof is a little more friendly to inexperienced drinkers).

Fifth, make a batch of simple syrup. Use the expensive organic sugar or Demerara sugar at Whole Foods. To make it, mix water in sugar 50/50, boil, simmer for 1 minute, cool, done.

Sixth, buy a bottle of Fee Brother's Peach Bitters (this is my special touch).

Seventh, get a big bunch of fresh mint, preferably picked from someone's backyard, or wild, near a creek or in the woods.


Pour 1/2 oz of simple syrup, 1/2 oz bourbon, a dash of the peach bitters, and about 3 mint leaves into the cup (no ice yet). Muddle this mixture. (Do not over-muddle! You don't want to bring out the bitter vegetal flavors in the mint. You're just giving the mint a light massage really quick. DO NOT put muscle into it).

Crush a full batch of ice in your crusher and add ice to fill the julep cup about 3/4 of the way to the top and add another 2 oz bourbon. Slowly stir this mixture with a long bar spoon until there is frost forming on the outside of the metal cup; it should look pretty snowy before you're ready to stop stirring (may take 30 to 45 seconds of stirring). When done stirring, top off the julep cup with crushed ice until it's rounded over the brim, almost over-flowing the cup.

Give 3 or 4 sprigs of mint a single hard slap between your palms (this "wakes up" the mint and it will become very fragrant after only a quick bitch slap). Put the slapped mint sticking out of the cup and add two skinny bar straws beside them. It is very important that the straws are short enough that when someone starts to drink, they will smell the mint with every sip, ie, the mint should tickle their nose with each sip.

Take the Mint Julep to your porch (preferably one located below the Mason Dixon Line) and sit down in a wooden rocking chair with a couple of hound dogs sleeping by your side. This is the BEST drink on a really hot humid day and it's not only good during Kentucky Derby day (very important).
When shall I be there?
Had the experience myself at his bar and then on porch. Best ever without discussion

and yes he bitch slaps the mint
I'm sure. What is it, the first Saturday in May? I'll be there!
I'm a big fan of Lonnie B's Manhattan, so this will certainly be on my to-drink list as soon as my mint starts growing again.
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