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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Unrequited Rivalry Between DC and Baltimore

Every once in a while I'm reminded that many people in Baltimore have a strong, usually negative, opinion of my city, Washington DC. The strange part is that people who live in DC either hardly remember that Baltimore exists or they really like the city.

This is why I call it "unrequited" because while people who live in Baltimore seem to spend quality time fretting about and consciously disliking DC, we hardly even realize it's going on.

I suppose this is like the rivalry between Cambodia and Thailand. People in Cambodia HATE Thais, while the Thais generally react with a proverbial pat on the head and an, "Aw, isn't that cute."

That reminds me, I need to get up to Baltimore soon. I miss it no matter what it thinks of me.
Unfortunately, I don't think Baltimore is alone in its opinion about D.C., but then D.C. is misunderstood by almost the entire US populace.
funny thing, I consider both to be Yankee country anyway. It is probably similiar to Dallas Ft.Worth in the perception department

Tex Anon
Damon, MOst people in Baltimore do not know DC exists, so don't be so smug, See you at the Dundalk Parade this year?

Anon: BTW they are both south of the Mason Dixon line
mason dixon line makes no differance any's all about the perception. just like Baltimore's feelings towards Wash,D.C.

Tex Anon

Fly down here sometime arrive anywhere south of Dallas and tell me you are in the USA. Chances are you will think you are in Mexico. I'm just sayin.

Tex Anon
Ahhh Baltimore....Where the urban decay of the North meets the casual racism of the South...
Texas Anon:
I lived in Houston for 10 years, Great area, and I hope to go back. Are you implying there are a lot of Mexicans in this area? I do not know about that but I have a lot of friends who are second or third generation hispanic lving in Texas! Those folks are great, Most of them do not even speak spanish. Texas is a great state with a lot of great people, however you seem to be the vocal type who does not bother to get to know thier neighbor because of their appearance. I hope this is not the case.

since I am related to LB........maybe that will explain some of my comments. Having biases towards my neighbors is something that would not typically describe Tex here. Now you having lived in Houston does explain a lot. LOL
Interesting. A bit like the New York Yankees vs Red Sox fans rivalry. Folk around Boston obsess about the Yankees. Probably the most popular bumper sticker and T-shirt slogan around Boston is "Yankees Suck". The local radio staions in the morning report the scores of all the Boston teams... and the Yankees.

Whereas people in NY don't usually give a shit about the Red Sox. They are just another team they have to beat.

I think it's called an "inferiority complex".
Hey, nice shout out in today's Wash Express. ;) I like Baltimore every once in a while but as "boring" as DC is there's still so much more to do if you have an active lifestyle.
I just wish I had a freind that could chew the top off of a beer can.....why would you go anywhere then???

Nadie habla espaƱol de Mexico ... que es europeo

Tex Anon
Tex anon:
No prob, I may be back in Tx next year depending on how my prject goes, Can't wait Tx has the best food in the country.
I think the knowledge of this rivalry depends on who we're talking about in DC. I grew up here and where I lived and went to school it was well known that DC and B-More didn't mix. Not in a Bloods and Crips kind of way just in an over all "Boo you suck!" kind of way. Haha!
it is definitely the other way around. baltimore has no feelings about dc. dc hates baltimore for whatever reason but baltimore doesnt even know dc exists.
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