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Monday, November 03, 2008

The same fools who gave us the Worst President Ever are out there voting for McCain and Palin.

Don't let them win. Remember, no one remembers the names of candidates who lose elections. In 10 years, will you even remember the names John McCain and Sarah Palin? Probably not. But only if you VOTE. After I vote tomorrow, I'm going down to the Obama campaign office in Arlington, Virginia to make phone calls to remind people to go to the polls. I urge you to take off work and do the same. You can contact your local office here.

My rational side says I should never predict anything, especially the future, but screw it, here's the way I think America will split Tuesday:

Here are a few songs to get you motivated. A lively Reggae song:

Barack Obama even causes Irishmen to break into song:

And in case you need to get mad, here's a video by Rage Against the Machine. Yea, I know their lyrics are a bit douchey, but at least listen until the chorus comes on:

Outside of Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia, those state represent a piddling amount of people for the space they take up. Makes people look at the map and think that McCain won half the country, when what really happened is that McCain won all the swamps, scrub pines, and badlands, while Obama won the people.
I am completely dumbfounded by the media's blackout of the prank call to Palin!

Dont the citizens have a right to know what their Vice Presidential candidate really is? We are on the verge of electing a completely dumb person to the position of the most powerful person in the world! Wont it be shameful for US to elect such a woman? Or is it that it is so shameful to even print it?

In fact, the audio is the most hilarious thing I have ever heard.. and the most scary as well! She behaves like a schoolgirl.. doesnt even know who Canada's PM is, when Canada is the centerpiece of her foreign policy experience?

the problem with voting gor Obama is that because of people like you that vote for him, we will be living in a communist country where we have to share all that we work for with people that sit on their asses and live off of our hard work. What will be the insentive to work and make a living for yourself if Obama is out there handing money out to people for doing nothing. We fought for years against communism and now you are just going to welcome it in by voting for Obama?

That's funny. If you are serious (which I think you aren't) then it shows just how stupid people in this country really are.
I would think 12:08 anonymous is one of your friends having a laugh, Lonnie, due to the inanity of his/her comment, but given the typos, poor spelling and syntax errors, I think we might actually have one of those idiots, who swallow the silly socialism business hook line and sinker, on our hands. Hey silly, go back to the drudge report! Actually, that might be too intellectual for you -- try Hannity or maybe Ann Coulter.
Frankly, I suspect this is our mutual friend G.M. having a laugh.

Let's try to smoke him out.
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I am not going to vote for McCain or Obama. I will vote for a third party candidate in hopes that my vote will help create a viable third party. Both candidates say that they are not going to raises your income taxes.

…………………INCOME TAXES………………

What about the taxes that the big evil corporations pay?
They are just passed to the consumer.


They all grow government at any cost to the tax payer.
Speaking as a person whose grandfather came to this country from CUBA, I think that anyone who thinks Obama is a communist needs a fucking reality check. Not too mention this....
and this...
Just got back from an Obama call center where we were calling into red states. It was heartening to speak with people who tell you they're waking up at 4AM, because they're getting their Obama votes in come hell or high water.

(Make sure you bring your charger as well as your cell phone, btw.)

To the guy voting third party: Maybe if Nader hadn't run in 2000 Gore would have won in Florida, and we'd not have this little war in Iraq. He took enough votes to make the difference.
I spoke to a Republican today, He told me "Obama scares me", I asked him why, he replied:"Because he wants to educate people", I asked him to elaborate, he replied "Obama wants to make college affordable, I do not believe that all people should go to college". My reply was are you serious?. Yes, next reply: "Some people need to do lower end jobs and college stops them from that, some people were never meant for college." Crazy!!! This is more proof of what the republicans really want, Class segregation! They do not care about you, or me or the US, They would be quite happy if we were like Mexico, Rich 1% and the rest licking their toes, I despise you all evil ones, and all who follow, Especially those who accuse the left of communism, I guess that is not as good as despotism which is the ends to republicanism, and the uncontrolled "freemarket". It boogles my mind the mentality of these people.
For all you independents, Vote for Obama!! You need too, A landslide victory would go along wayt to partitioning the republican party, Maybe you can take the few elements that mean well out, and leave the ignorant nuts behind!!!

Humans as a species are rapidly moving into uncharted territory the likes of which our planet has never seen, The next few decades may prove to be the deciding time for us, At the moment we are our own worse enemies, We will either Blow ourselves up over idealogy or kill ourselves by greed and laziness. But it does not have to be this way, Money is not everything, and that is not a communsits or socialist statement, But a matter of eventual survival...
Lonnie, I hope you aren't thinking about entering politics. It might be a bad career choice.
YEEEEHAAAAW!!!! There is hop in our countryb again!!!!

Matt, All things are possible, Baby Steps!!!
It's 1AM in New York City and the celebration (two hours after Obama was declared the President-elect) is louder than New Year's Eve at midnight.

It's a great moment in America!
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