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Monday, September 29, 2008

In case you're wondering what kind of people will vote for McCain/Palin

Caution: a few uses of the N word toward the end:

Never underestimate the stupidity of about 48% of voting Americans. They gave us Bush twice. I don't mean to bash the south too much because I love it in many ways, but listen to the above accents and consider that McCain/Palin are polling strongest in southern and rural states. Sometimes I wish we could have a hurricane that causes flooding to the point where the USA looks like this:

Just kidding. That would be horrible. Luckily, the polls are pointing to victory for Obama and historically, polls from now until the election have predicted the winner 95% of the time. But be vigilant and remember that the people in the above video have a vote that counts exactly as much as yours and mine. Scary.
Unfortunately one does not need to travel outside Washington, D.C. to hear misguided people. The latter can be found in all accents, colors, creeds and genders. In modern societies, political party affiliation is adhered to with much the same dedication and devotion that we provide the beloved Washington Redskins or the genuine hatred of the despiciable Dallas Cowboys - we accept each team's (i.e. political parties') propaganda and advertising - often nothing more than unadulterated crap. We find ourselves in a time in which many vote without so much as asking any details about the party platform or the nominees abilites to carry out the mandate of the party platform.
Yikes. Can anyone translate what the guy supposedly from Spain says? And why is the other guy embarrassed to be on video?
Obama's no savior, Lonnie -- he's supporting the $700 billion "bailout," for example.

--Random Libertarian

I never said Obama was a savior. He'll certainly have plenty to deal with if he's elected. Ron Paul, on the other hand --- now THAT'S a savior ...

George Carlin said it:
"Think about how stupid the average American is. Then realize that half of all Americans are stupider than that!"
I watched the vice-presidential candidate debate the other night and could hardly stomach Palin's trite pandering.

Upon arrival at work the next morning, I found two collegues discussing the 'fact' that Palin won the debate. They also expressed unabashed admiration for her, and said that she made Biden look "like a sleazy personal injury lawyer" in comparison.

Both of my colleagues were wearing business suits and speaking without accents. One is female, 30-ish and from California. The other is male, 50-ish and from Texas. Each earns in excess of $110,000 per year.

Yup, never underestimate the stupidity of US citizens.
You may have to update the map, the tide may be turning, Sink economy sink!!!!!!!!!!
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