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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Uffie: I prefer my music talentless and highly addictive, thank you.

Everyone has a guilty cultural pleasure hidden deep. The tattooed biker guy may be a huge fan of the emo band Stars---listening on headphones, tucked under his comforter each night; your bass playing hipster friend may be a big U2 fan (and not just "early U2"); and the cartoonist who has a following among alternative weekly newspapers like the City Paper may have recorded every episode of That's so Raven. These are realities.

For me, I have no false modesty: my latest hook is Uffie.

I would highly discourage you from clicking on that link, which will take you directly to Uffie's myspace page. But if you cannot resist clicking, I would urge you---at all costs---NOT to click on her second track, "Ready to Uff". Please, please: I'm warning you. In addition, at serious risk to your cultural well-being, do NOT---NOT---click on Uffie's third track "Hot ChickIn Charge" unless you want to find yourself---like me---secretly skulking back for a second, third, or eventually (or sadly) a 20th time.

My god, I'm this addicted and she hasn't even put out her first album. I suppose that makes me a creep and a philistine.
She hasn't put out an album yet? You're not a philistine, you're the cutting edge. You're the hipster. You're the one who's discovered the ironic hip answer to tween-pop. Play it for all it's worth.

And dude, I play bass and I can still remember the day I learned to play U2's "New Year's Day."
Don't ever hit the red one...
Does she have representation? Why she doesn't have a record deal is beyond me.

Much like this guy:

The Mike Chapman Band

"I started rapping and beatboxing in the 6th grade. My debut solo album was self-released in 1986 at age 12. Distribution of this record was promptly halted by my parents due to "obscenity" and violation of community decency standards. I was ridiculed and humiliated. The trauma of this experience led me to banish those musical impulses to the dark recesses of my mind. Eighteen years later, I have come out of retirement for your listening displeasure."
as soon as she will get signed to a big corporate label, she will become crappy, and commercial. just like lady gaga
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