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Friday, October 06, 2006

I've gotten stupider as I've gotten older.

Right out of college, I wanted a family. I put that off when I took up Marxism and bipolar disorder. At one point in my twenties I subscribed to three daily newspapers---each one I read front to back. I was involved in activist politics and protested in front of more than one foreign embassy. And I used to break down the social order in my mind with an unmatched quickness.

But now, for the most part, I could give a fuck.

Look at my faces. Each one represents a different phase in my thinking. The face at present mainly cares about eating crabs in the summer, steak and bourbon when the wife's out of town, and making money fast enough to fund short term personal rewards.

Who are these people who get wiser as they get older? Folks who sit cross-legged in their studies reading leather-bound Conrad novels on the weekend? Because I've never met anyone over 30 who's smarter than Lonnie Bruner circa age 25.
Could be the funniest post you have ever written. To the point, honest, self-deprecating.

Mellowing. you are mellowing, my friend.

You are replacing needless social activist knowledge with needless leisure knowledge. Perfect plan in my opinion.

We like each and every one of the phases because that is what makes you you.

Amen Brother.
I'm not sure that this post needed to be written. Your last post was about hot dog soup. After that, most of us already came to the same conclusion. ;)
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