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Friday, September 22, 2006

Bad Brains Live @ CBGB 1982: (sigh) rock 'n' roll is truly dead, isn't it...

The biggest letdown I felt when watching the newly released DVD of the Bad Brains playing at CBGB in 1982 was the realization that rock 'n' roll will never feel dangerous again. The death knells for rock were rung out many years ago.

Don't believe me? Take a look at a short clip from the 50 minute DVD. Remember, this was in 1982---the year in which Kenny Rogers' song Through the Years, Journey's Open Arms, Billy Joel's She's Got A Way and Jeffery Osborne's On the Wings of Love were all top 10 hits.

Rock bands nowadays go through the motions and play out the charade of something long gone. I rarely go to shows anymore because it's painful to watch would-be rockers make the same played-out moves, tired old poses, and twice-baked riffs. Sure, that old spirit probably exists somewhere, but in the end, this is 2006, for christ's sake. Everything's been done 10 times over.

The last time I felt the element of things-falling-apart danger at a concert was when Peaches played in Baltimore a few years back. But that's rare.

I challenge anyone to name a present-day music group that can give me "that feeling". And no, you can't count Justin Timberlake.
These Arms are Snakes might do it.
I have to agree with you. Nothing feels so urgent now and I don't think it's just because I'm older. Rock and Roll got complacent and punk shook it up. I can't envision what will come next to shake up the complacency of the post-punk era. It certainly wasn't hip-hop, which created a new genre but when mixed with rock is simply shit (e.g. linkin park).

Grunge was a second wave of punk and was quickly coopted and subsumed by the culture industry. I think it was dangerous for about six months.
I lamented the day that one was no longer allowed to stage dive and when the slam dancing turned into a jockfest, then I knew for certain punk wasn't going to fun for me anymore. That being said I heartily recommend P.O.S. (not to be confused with Christian "rockers" P.O.D.) POS is what you wanted rap/rock to be.
Guess what, this is what happens to every generation, things start to not sound as good as they used to, or you say, "thats not original", or you notice that younger kids don't appreciate your personal tastes. Its a sign of coming of age. When the next generation gets to our age, they will be saying, "Music these days is nothing like when I was younger, back then pop stars knew how to play music." Frightening, I know, but thats the way things are. All you can do is pass the torch on and revel in the security of your own personal tastes, knowing that you have spent years honing them to perfection.
Check Out Bozopornocircus out of Houston.

Live Sex
Quit whining and form a band of your own. If you lack the talent to do so, STFU already.
Sid's Corpse,

I ATMed your mother last night. It was AWESOME.
They now can't be dangerous, now they have to be good.
Three words. Drive By Truckers.

Jack Daniels for your ears.
here's a clip DBT live on youtube...
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