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Thursday, October 19, 2006

A bar full of prostitutes feels like being the only woman at a bar during "Douchebags Drink Free" night.

Most men aren't used to multiple women hitting on them full force, but when it happened to me in a barful of hookers last night, I felt like a woman fighting off skeezy NoVA guys at Tom Tom on 18th Street.

First off, it was not my choice to visit a bar crawling with ladies of the evening. I was whisked to the back-alley dive by my Thai associates for pool games and was overwhelmed with intense eye contact and blunt compliments from the opposite sex. Within one minute, the mama-san had assigned one of her girls to me. She made a few subtle gestures, and I was pounced upon. A young woman then began trying to massage my biceps and scratch my bald head. (No, in fact, they don't offer "sucky sucky".)

The unusual attention I got was downright creepy and I felt like a girl amongst players. I found myself doing what hundreds of women have done in bars everywhere: turned my back and played the "I don't see you" game.

The most disgusting part was watching the male human garbage who're there to satiate their disease-ridden vice. And it's not just what they're doing that's so revolting; more sickening is the extra swagger and gleam on their 50-something jowlish faces knowing that they can have sex with any woman in the place.

I went through the same emotions during my Cambodia visit in 2004: 1st, flattery; 2nd, shock; 3rd, awkwardness; 4th, annoyance; 5th, disgust; 6th, pity.

This hard man is humbled again.
Did you tell any of them that you were looking for a good dessert?
That picture is a nice paradigm for skeeviness. I can only imagine these guys are going to Thailand simply for the tail. Why is it that males are always the ones who tend to drift from sexual norm?
There are plenty of job opportunities in Iraq. If you were "hard", as you say you are; you'd be in Iraq.
Whoa. Is that picture for real? Did you just blatantly snap it in their faces???

That's rad.

Yes, it's real, but I took it in Cambodia in 2004. Not this trip in Thailand.
This seems like as good of a topic as any to ask for an update on the oysters.
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