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Friday, August 26, 2005

Turns out my neighborhood is a lot *sexier* than I thought. Google has teamed up with the sex offenders registry so anyone can find out what perverts live in their neighborhood using this nice little search/map function.

I live near the blue arrow below. The red arrows are where the convicted sex offenders live. If you do a search on their website for your address, you can click on the arrows to get details and pictures of the sex offenders in your neighborhood.

Here are four gentlemen who live within walking distance of my apartment:

Charles S Cain
Home Address/Residence:
2600 Block of Connecticut Avenue, N.W.
Offense of Conviction : Assault with intent to commit rape

Stephen Tucker
1700 Block of Euclid Street, N.W.
Offense of Conviction : Interstate travel with intent to engage in a sexual act with a minor

Clifford H Middleton
1600 Block of Euclid Street, N.W.
Offense of Conviction : Rape

Michael J Farrand
1600 Block of Argonne Place, N.W.
Offense of Conviction : Indecent Liberties
There's only one in my area... a few blocks away from my place. Now guess where I live.
Wow! Pretty freakin' scary. Plenty o' sex offenders in my hood.
Just to be clear this isn't an official Google service. They are just using Google's public API.

I'm not sure what the public is supposed to do with this information? Do you keep an eye out for these ppl?
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