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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why should I be upset about Karl Rove?

Someone needs to explain to me why I need to care about this Karl Rove thing. Every time I read the scandal I get so bored that I can't get past the second paragraph. I got an email today that there's a protest at the White House today. Come on people, should we really be protesting this? Let me just sum up some other presidential scandals in comparison:

- Ulysses S. Grant: Conspired with whiskey distillers to defaud the government of tax revenues on the sale of whiskey.

- Warren Harding: Transferred responsibility for naval oil reserve lands to the Department of the Interior. The Secretary of the Interior went on to exploit those rights for his own gain. In 1922 he secretly granted exclusive rights to the Teapot Dome reserve in Wyoming to the Mammoth Oil Company in exchange for cash and no interest "loans."

- Richard Nixon: Watergate ('nuff said). Also, don't forget he bombed Cambodia, killing perhaps a million people. This, against Congress's will.

- Ronald Reagan: Iran-Contra. Traded arms for hostages. WTF?

- George W. Bush: Karl Rove, the president's senior advisor and chief political strategist, revealed the name of Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife, who was an undercover CIA agent.

Lighten up, people. In terms of presidential scandals it just sounds so "Bush League".
People who are upset about this don't care what Rove did. They just want to believe he did SOMETHING wrong so he gets his fat ass fired and, more importantly, disgraced. I'm one of those people. I would have preferred he be found in bed fucking a boy or maybe giving a hummer to some major contributor. Short of that, this "scandal" will have to do.
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