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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Little Plastic Cups of Urine

I went to my doctor's office for the first time today. Now I know what it feels like to be a minority. I was the only 30-something white dude sitting for three hours amongst tens and tens of pregnant latina women. Most were from Central America from what I could gather.

I was seated in front of the bathroom door and watched woman after woman come out the door precariously carrying little plastic cups of their urine. I assume it has something to do with having a baby. Who knows.

My god, it's an entirely different world five blocks east of my apartment. My "doctor's office" is really a clinic for pregnant women from south of the border. And this place was huge and bustling! When you call, the receptionists answer in Spanish and can hardly speak English at all. I filled out the form and the woman said, "You're American?". Uh, yea, and here's another surprise: I have insurance, too. Both of these phenomena seemed unique to the girl.

Where the hell do I live? What are these people's stories? How the hell did they get here? All I know is that they're having babies.

I love this country.
I feel the same way. I go to the Kaiser Permanente facility at N. Capitol & K (it's near my office), and I'm frequently the only white person there surrounded by African-Americans and Latinos. At least we all have insurance (presumably since we're at a members-only facility). I can't imagine having to make it on no insurance. I was unemployed for nine months in 2001, but had insurance for three of them. I'm so lucky sometimes.
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