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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I've been oppressed

Today was the second time in months that I've had something thrown at me while biking.

To get home from work I take 9th Street and F up to 9th and U Street. If you've never walked or biked up that route, I'll just say that there aren't any manicured lawns or Starbucks through there; I've seens dudes sipping 40s at 9:30 in the morning. There's a lot of blight and ruin on 9th Street, and when I'm biking home I always pass gaggles of teenagers.

About a month and a half ago I passed a group of teenaged boys who threw a real estate guide at me. It hit my bike and went skidding past. I looked back and the kids were running in the opposite direction. I just blew it off.

Then today, I bike past a teenager and his girlfriend, and a half-full bottle of water hits my bike and skids across the street. I look back and the girlfriend is cackling as the kid flips me the bird.

Can you imagine if I threw shit at black kids who passed through my neighborhood? WTF?
Pack heat.

Then ride around in circles until someone throws something.
Then spin off your bike and let it roll into a parked car while you spray buckshot into every moving target with your 12 gauge sawed off pump gun.
Then carjack a lowrider and I'll meet you in Mexico.

I'm done.
I know of a guy who does, in fact, ride with a loaded handgun strapped to his side. I'm not kidding. He's prepared to use it, too. He says he started carrying it when he grew tired of people throwing shit at him all the time. What's with throwing shit at bikers anyway!?
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