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Friday, July 15, 2005

And my wife doesn't understand when I say I want to move away ...

Ran across a blog post from a San Franciscan who recently visited DC.

Reading it, I either had the "so true, so true" feeling or the "why the fuck do I live here?" feeling. Here're some choice bits:

"I spent over $30 one night on tapas and out of hunger ventured to try an equally overpriced “veggie” hot dog at a movie theater."

"All in all, DC is no place to enjoy food. Just getting by will cost you a limb and you won’t feel very nourished for what you get in return."

"Everyone works at government, military, tourism or service jobs. So you will be confronted with a wall of men in formal suits ready to trample you as they march down the street."

"You won’t really see anyone in jeans and a t-shirt or thankfully, hipster attire. Unless of course they're homeless or a tourist. Both seemed to be scorned at equally by the locals."

"No one says hi and everyone stares at you with a bad look. Maybe the humidity has melted the kindness in their souls down to little pools of butter?"
Where do you want to go?
Rattlesnake Island, Florida.
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