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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Ocean City Shark Tournament 2005!!

Just got back from the OC shark tournament so I thought I'd include some pictures.

This 215 pound Mako shark was caught by a group from Lancaster, PA and they had two Amish guys hauling this shark around for them. We felt bad because they hadn't even registered for the tournament. If they had, they would've won the $27,825 cash prize (the winning Mako was only 195 pounds).

Pennsylvania Amish, hauling shark in a wheel barrow.

Lancaster-caught Mako shark.

Yours truly with head of 215 pound Mako shark.

Inside the Mako.

The head of the Mako shark next to my wife's leg.

Can you believe I married a woman this good?

A 328 pound Thresher shark. You can't see its tail but it's about 7 feet long (see two pictures down). This shark won in the Open Division. Cash winnings of $1,500.

This woman was the resident butcher. Every time a shark would come in and be weighed, she'd immediately make quick work of it, cutting it into hundreds of pounds of shark steaks within minutes. This is the head and body of the thresher.

This is the tail of that 328 pound Thresher shark. The guy holding it is the announcer for the tournament and he's explaining to the children (me included) all about the shark.
Those are some impressive pics
Can I just say you've been absolutely kicking ass with your blog, lately. I really need to get back on the ball with mine.
I am the shark in picture #8.

Excuse the alternate viewpoint I'm about to espouse, but perhaps you can understand why I don't find it so "good" that your wife is smiling while holding up my severed backfins in that photo.

One minute I'm swimming around the Atlantic slumming for nekton, the next minute there's a 9-inch J-hook strapped to my inner jaw.

Anyway, I hope I tasted good. I guess I know now how all those nekton felt.

--Mr. Squeegaj J. Kwellsfooth
It's either that "J-hook" or your leg, bitch.

And PS: "PETA" is not in a shark's vocabulary, so get over it.

He has.
I'm an avid Angler - and you're an idiot. You must have a really small dick to go around loping off the heads off sharks. You give the entire sport a crap name.
Get a life Looser
@ Anon:

1 - I visited the shark tournament. I didn't fish in it nor did I cut any shark.

2 - My dick is medium sized.

3 - Learn how to spell. It's "loser", you fucking loser. "Looser" is a word that doesn't exist.
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