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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Brew in Brooklyn

A good friend had his birthday on Saturday so I took him on a tour of the Brooklyn Lager brewery. The story of its creation is really interesting. The guy who started it was a journalist for Associated Press and was living in Iran in the '80s covering the Iran-Iraq war that was raging there at the time. Since Iran is a dry country he was going crazy being a non-voluntary teetotaler. He found some pamphlet published by Aramco oil company about how to brew beer in your bathtub. His brew attempts were successful but after a car bomb went off outside his apartment in Tehran his wife convinced him to move back home to Brooklyn. There he decided he liked making beer so much that he quit his journalism gig and opened the Brooklyn Brewery. And it's good stuff, too! No cheap-ass rice syrup like most mass-produced beers. Cheers!
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