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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I wuz born ina small town....

... no I wasn't---unless you count suburbia as a "small town"---but for a while I thought that small town charm was dead in the US---that the small town was now made up of an unused center, surrounded by a massive, sprawling Wal-Marted exterior. (Wal-Mart is the Starbucks of rural America, btw). I thought this until this MLK weekend when I visited Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. I'm not gonna do the googling for you but trust me on this one.

It's in a valley surrounded by nice views, victorian houses and little restaurants and shops. I couldn't believe my eyes. It looked like a place where a David Lynch movie would take place. I fully expected a midget to talk backwards to me or a severed ear to be lying in the grass somewhere. A blue river runs through the middle of town and some sort of facotry billows out clouds that creep through the valley. I felt like I could even stay there for a few days. I wonder if I'd get bored of that life? Not if I move there when I'm 55, I guess.
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