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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sea of Cowboy Hats

The inauguration is today and getting off the train yesterday was a nightmare. It was packed with tuxedo-and-cowboy-hat-wearing Republicans and their covered-in-fur wives. Probably 1500 of them, going to some ball at the Marriot in my neighborhood. They all looked so smug and had absolutely no idea about Metro etiquette. I was stuck in the station for 20 minutes standing behind people fumbling with Metro cards and not standing to the right on the escalator. These aren't things that upset me normally but to watch these fucktards was really sickening. Oh, and they all smelled like rich lady perfume, a miasma of the shit, wafting upward from underground out into the street. Disgusting.
I watched everything from the comfort of my living room this afternoon. At one point, Bush made a comment about the importance of remembering the poor and the value they have in our society. At that moment, the camera cut to these women in furs, clapping their leather-glove-wearing hands, and nodding with this shitty, fake looks of concern.

I think we ought to make Texas it's own country, then invade it, torch its cities and enslave its people. Then we should have all 270-thousand square miles of it paved and turned into the world's largest skate park.
Or do like I did and LEAVE THE COUNTRY, BABY! Being in Mexico on inauguration day was the best decision I've made in a while.
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