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Friday, October 22, 2010

This Spirit Should Be the Inspiration for All Sailors

Thank god people like this exist -- a group of four anarchists who bought a derelict boat and sailed from Florida to Dominican Republic. The video is well-produced and over an hour long, but one of the better sailing documentaries I've seen.

This is an extreme version of how I started sailing. I was a bit of an anarchist back in the 90s and some friends wanted to purchase an old boat and sail it around the Chesapeake; I was against it because I couldn't sail. Eventually, we ended up with a 23' O'Day for free. It was our Anarchist Sailing Club, and there was no captain and no owner. That only worked out for a short few years, but damn, it was fun while it lasted. Now I'm a committed capitalist and own a bigger, more seaworthy vessel.

Watching this video, it will be very hard for you not to feel a bit freer than you feel now. The spirit of this video is my ideal, why I sail. Without that spirit, sailing is just jocks and rich fucks.

Hold Fast from Moxie Marlinspike on Vimeo.

This movie really makes you want to leave it all behind... then you realize 2 kids, wife, and a mortgage isn't gonna take care of itself!
It made me feel like a total wuss for not doing something similar...awesome vid though. I really do think more people should see sailing in this light.
Spot on.
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