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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear all undecided voters: What the hell is wrong with you??

I don't understand people who aren't going to vote for Barack Obama or are undecided. I mean really, what is wrong with you? I hesitate to ask whether you're stupid or not, but are you stupid? Or not? Or just uninformed? Do you know what real leadership is? Even when it's in your damn face?

It's time to get PISSED, my friends.

What presidential qualities could anyone possibly see in John McCain? Obama's opponent is an old-ass man. Dude would be 72 if elected. Two terms would make him 80 --- eighty! --- when he's out of office. God bless the oldies of the world, but my lord, this is not an old geezer's job. Plus, look how pale and corpselike he appears:


One side reason why George Washington --- a real leader --- inspired so much confidence and awe was because he looked incredible riding a horse. Appearance is no small thing; it's a component of leadership. So do you want the above crypt-keeper leading your government??

And here's a good question: how does being in a Vietnamese war camp 40 years ago qualify you to be president in 2009? By my estimation, that merely qualifies you to endure hard physical and emotional stress ... FORTY years ago. Guarantee McCain couldn't do it now. I suppose people think this P.O.W. experience shows how loyal he is to his country but is it really so above the call of duty? Can you imagine any normal person being shot down and then happily denouncing their country for a bunch of dog-eating* commies who worship some old man with a fu-man-chu 'stache as a god? Why does that take any courage above and beyond what anyone in McCain's position would've done (or not done)? Someone has to say it. Said.

Experience. I can't name a US presidential administration MORE experienced than the one currently led by Cheney, Bush and their wonder boys. So we're all supposed to shut up and trust the assholes who've provided the "worst presidential leadership the US has ever had"** because they're "experienced"?? Please. Just shut up about experience.

And we won't forget the past either --- no we won't. Can anyone say Keating Five?? We're not forgetting that "McCain received $112,000 by 1987 from (Charles) Keating and Keating's relatives and employees to McCain's Senate campaign, more than any of the other Senators." I guarantee the reason McCain took up campaign finance reform in the 90s was because he wanted to save his skin and be able to maintain a political career. What happened to the other four of that Five? Oh yea, the scandal cost them their jobs as politicians.

Just a Friday afternoon rant. Donate to the Obama campaign here, you lazy sack.

* They do eat dogs: I was in Hanoi, Vietnam last summer. This makes me angry not just because I have two dogs, but because in Vietnam, the dogs are tortured before being killed for food because it's thought that the bruises in the meat and pain-induced adrenaline make the dog flesh tastier. Many people in Hanoi will pay more money for a dog that has been beaten and tortured for a longer period of time. I can't forgive any culture who does this to any animal.

** Quote from my wife's 84-year-old Republican grandfather. He's lived under presidents since Herbert Hoover
I gave Obama $50 earlier today. That's on top of all the money I've already given. It pisses me off that he's bailing Clinton out of debt. Let her pay off her own shit.
I agree LB. Some pictures of McCain are down right scary. He would be great in a George Romero movie.
I can't decide whether to vote for the Vietnamese-Programmed Manchurian Candidate or the Radical Islam-Programmed Manchurian Candidate.

Can I vote for Frank Sinatra?
I'm Canadian so my opinion does not matter anyway, but ... how does McCain being old make Obama a good candidate?

We've had some serious oldies up here in the Great White North too. As far as I'm concerned they were bad politicians at 30 and just as bad at 70. Integrity counts for more than age in my opinion.

Obama's good qualities as a leader are self evident. Do you not have a television?
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