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Monday, June 16, 2008

Air Guitar in the Middle of Chesapeake Bay

Just returned from my annual 4-day sailing "guy's trip" and I am now considering competing in the US Air Guitar Championships.

I always thought air guitar --- and especially a "championship" for it --- was stupid until I found myself on a sailboat in the middle of an open body of saltwater, hot sun beating down, lime and rum in me belly, Zeppelin rocking the stereo, the pop-top up, and the sails full of wind. Judge for yourself below. Props to Chris D's ambidextrousness for playing air drums AND picking up the air guitar solo at minute 1:35:

Bicycling is better when rum and cigarettes aren't in your life.

And riding to HP rather than driving there with your bike will whip you into shape quickly. (all that stop-and-go can be good interval training)

- A Fan
Inspired...truly inspired. I had a friend in high school who couldn't resist breaking out the air guitar when a song inspired him. Half the time he didn't know he was doing it.

We mocked him mercilessly.
Your air guitar prowess is surpassed only by your backfarting skills.
I'm not sure there exists in the universe a better song to which one may air guitar. That was awesome.
I love the guy in the yellow shorts playing "air roadie" with the cigarette. He's gotta be in the air band.
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