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Friday, November 10, 2006

This is a long time in coming, but thank CHRIST I'm not vegetarian any more.

I experimented with self-imposed starvation vegetarianism years ago when I was wooing a demure black-rain-cloud girl whose one passion in life was animal rights. Her allure was enough for me to put aside my love of meat for a moment and my vegetable affliction continued for years after the relationship soured. I kept it up to prove to my friends that I hadn't become a veg "just for a girl."

But I'm glad I went through that. I learned these things from my stint eating like a rabbit for a three years in the late 1990s:

1 - Jokes made by meat eaters toward vegetarians are universally annoying and cliché. End of story. We've all heard the fucking "People for Eating Tasty Animals" joke twenty hundred times. It was funny exactly once ... in 1985. Now, I have no qualms about eating anything that walks on two or more legs, but those jokes still irk me; it's like hearing someone make a "not joke" (see Borat movie). Have a sense of tact around vegetarians and be the fuck quiet.

2 - Vegetarianism means hunger. There's a reason why most of my ESL students and anyone from the Third World was shocked at my non-meat-eating habits. If you make more than $6.00 per hour, why would you choose not to eat meat?---in essence, deciding that you want to go hungry. When you're veggie you never feel full, no matter how hard you try.

3 - Human biology is not built to fully digest vegetables. Most intelligent people don't know that---and vegetarian propaganda has something to do with it---but humans are able to digest almost 100% of meat; on the other hand, the body cannot break down most of what's in vegetables---hence, the reason vegetarians always feel hungry.

And now my favorite meats are bacon and steak. Vegetarianism is a phase that most progressive-thinking people go through in their twenties and it's an important part of our development. It's also important to give it up. Those who don't, end up missing out on the simple pleasures of life, and subject to lifelong narrow-mindedness.
I don't know how I even found your blog, some other DC blog, I suspect. "Talkin shit" is one my favorite Modest Mouse songs, so naturally I had to take a look - and now I'm a regular reader.

I almost took you up on the halloween party invite - but thought asking for the date/time would have been creepy and imposing.... and besides I'm a new dad, so much other shit to do.

Anyways, I think what I'm trying to say is that I'm thankful that there are people like you, out in the world with a rare sense of honesty - and a way to make it interesting.

All Good Things,


Thanks. That is the nicest comment I've gotten.

Maybe we'll meet up one day in the real world.

I gave up sex for Marrige. does that make me progessive or Stupid?

Hard work cures all
I'm a partial vegetarian (no red meat or pork) and it has absolutely nothing to do with ethics or even health other than my decision in 1997 that I was getting too damn fat.

The only thing I really miss is a greasy hamburger topped with bacon.
You must not be able to cook very well. I've been full after many, many veg meals cooked by myself, friends, and at indian and thai restaurants.

I eat meat a few times a week, but feel like it's really pushing it to have it every day. It takes many more natural resources to generate meat than veggies, which is why it's good to go without meat when possible.
You haven't accounted for modern industry and entreprenurial innovation.

*SO* much is being done these days with soy. My favorites are Morningstar Chikn' Nuggets. 100% veg, and they're great.

Saying that hummans were not meant to live without meat is to overlook the fact that we engineer everything we need now. This includes satisfying sources of protein that mimic the legacy sources of protein. (cooked animal flesh)

200 years ago the only way across the ocean was via sailing vessel. Now...?
Narrow mindedness?
Dude, on the contrary it is about expanding your mind to consider not harming animals. Of course everyone can digest meat, and perhaps it event tastes good. If you eat meat it is your decision. Are you missing out by not marrying a black/asian/arab woman?
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