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Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm itchin' for a new hobby.

Winter's coming and that means being cooped inside till my first sail next March.

Meanwhile, I've got to come up with a new hobby to keep from going insane.

I've got a few ideas:

Learn to fly. Top Gun did nothing for me, and I've never been interested in learning to pilot an aircraft my entire life, but wouldn't it be cool? I'd get to know all sorts of ports and learn an invaluable skill. And the danger factor would keep life worth living, I suppose.

Learn to cook like a Frenchy. If you don't count knowledge of wine, French cuisine is simple, right? I threw some shit together based on a simple recipe two nights ago, and it tasted incredible. What've I been missing? Damn.

Learn Indonesian. When I lived in a group house (shudder) I once interviewed a potential polyglot roommate who claimed Indonesian was "baby talk" that anyone could learn in a few months.

Gym/Lose my gut. This would be the most unimaginative activity, but my wife would probably f*** me more often. Cheers to that.

Fuck hobbies, let's travel. Emily and John, who visited Argentina with me last November, have just moved into their new apartment in Buenos Aires and have extended an invite my way. In case you haven't read the New York Times Travel section in the past four years, Buenos Aires is now like Paris in the 1930s, so we better get it before the masses find out.

(BTW: That picture has nothing to do with this post. It's a picture of me in our rental car in Buenos Aires in November '05.)
I have a friend who took Indonesian and said the same thing. Crazy. I've never looked in to it. Maybe I can learn it here before I move down south.

You should def. travel. And the gym. But I only say that b/c I keep falling off of my gym promises...
If you do the cooking thing, you should probably also do the losing the gut thing. seriously. Otherwise it could become too big and you would have to lift it up to have sex. seriously.

plus French cooking + tight abs = sex on demand, baby!!!
You forgot "Start a Band." You could call it "French Culinary Gymnasium."
If you go back to the gym work out with a personal trainer or take up Pilates or boxing or something. Definitely travel, especially during January and February. As for flying, I've always wanted to learn and have no idea what is holding me back. As for that car: totally rockin'.
I took up boxing and in all seriousness, it has vastly improved my life. Besides being an awesome workout, it is enjoyable and engaging as shit . I started last April at a little gym near my house and had just started training at Gleason's when we decamped for Buenos Aires. I found a gym here that offers boxing (and several that offer aero-box, which is purely for jackasses) so I'm a happy girl. Also, wanting to be better at boxing has led me to all sorts of other physical activity that I never thought I'd do - I run at least 3 miles at least 3 times a week, which I know is nothing to write home about but come one, you know me, am I a jogger? I am not. I still smoke though. Figure it's balancing out somehow.

Also, I cannot find one single thing that is not awesome about sitting in a freezing field watching pumpkins fly and drinking bourbon. Can I be an honorary dude someday and come on mancation?

Wait, do they actually let you beat people in the face? If not, at least tell me that your coach is a gruff ole jewish guy who rubs vaseline on your cheekbones to deflect your opponents' fists.

So glad to hear you're still a smoker. Enjoying a cigarette with you, Emily, is a fine experience---you make Camels seem like a rare cognac.

As for the mancation request, that's a tall order. I'll have to discuss it with the guys ...
No, don't worry. I don't wanna get ovary cooties all over your mancation. You can just call me next time you're gonna lob shit into the sky and drink booze without it being a full on Lord of the Flies party.

I trained with a few different people before I left to get an idea of who would be a good match. They were all awesome - a diffident white guy, a talkative black ex-marine with long dreadlocks, and a mountain of a man named Harry Keitt, who trains, like, champions and shit and is completely old-school. I think I'm gonna go with the ex-marine when I come back. And to answer your vaseline question, yes.
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