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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Shaken or Stirred? The debate rages on ...

Just came across an old article in the British Medical Journal about whether to shake or stir your martini. Despite the majority of naysayers, turns out I was right. Shaken is best. Here're some choice bits from the BMJ article:

... aliquots of the martinis were then added into a luminescent assay to see if they altered the luminescence resulting from the addition of a standard amount of hydrogen peroxide. In both cases, the addition of the martinis decreased the net luminescence to a small percentage of control values. When we analysed the net luminescence statistically, the luminescence remaining after we added the shaken mixture to the peroxide was virtually half that afforded by the stirred mixture (table 1, P=0.0057).

To ascertain the relative contribution of the gin and vermouth components, both were assayed in a preliminary experiment for their abilities to reduce luminescence produced by the peroxide challenge. Vermouth was much more potent, causing a 98.1% (SE 0.5%) (n=3) decrease in count rate, while gin reduced the count rate after challenge with peroxide by only 41.7% (14.1%) (n=36).
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