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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Poster for the Basement Bar

One thing I love about having a basement bar that all my friends love is that they often bring me little gifts to adorn the walls or add to the bottle collection. And recently my friend Rachel bought me this poster for one dollar at a thrift store in Philly. What a score!

The year listed on the back of the poster says 1966. Nineteen Sixty Six! And I love this style of drawing; it reminds me of the old fish guides I used to study endlessly when I was a kid, trying to memorize the max weight and length of each species of fish that haunted various parts of North America. And now I have all these guys -- from the Alligator Gar to the Bluefin Tuna -- to look at every night that I'm home and holed up down in the man cave.
Do you have a publisher for that poster of "fishes"? In 1975, I remember trying to take a nap at my babysitters house. I was in her older son's room, and he had a poster of "fishes" on the wall. I remember staring at that poster a lot. In fact, that word "fishes" is the first word I ever read. I remember sounding out the letters. Not sure if that is the same poster, but sure fits the time period. Great find!
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